What is the best way to insert source code examples into a Microsoft Word document?

I need to write some documents that will definitely consist of resource code examples. Some of the examples will certainly be created coming from the IDE, and also others will be actually recorded area. My instances are primarily in Java.

As an individual who is made use of to LaTeX http://unixresources.net/tags/latex/page1.shtml, performing this in Word is exceptionally agonizing. Having said that, I am tied to Word for this. The only alternatives I have actually observed are actually:

Exists some better (and preferably portable) technique to perform this? Is there at least some type of verbatim style comparable to the LaTeX atmosphere? Is actually there at the very least some pretty ink-jet printer that I could copy-and-paste as RTF?

I finished up using a completely various approach which satisfied my requirements. I am discussing the method and my reasoning of why I picked this technique.

Use outside tool to achieve phrase structure highlighting requirement 1 over. One could make use of note pad plus as illustrated above. I make use of the tool current listed below – http://www.planetb.ca/syntax-highlight-word. This gives me the choice to utilize product line variety, in addition to very great syntax highlighting. Actions to accomplish phrase structure highlighting are listed here:.
Open the site provided above in chrome as well as Replicate the code fragment in the text place. I will certainly be making use of an example XML to display this (XML sample hence – http://www.service-architecture.com/articles/object-oriented-databases/xml_file_for_complex_data.html).
Select the language coming from decrease down food selection.
Click “Program Highlighted” button. It will definitely open up a brand new tab, along with syntax-highlighted code fragment, within this case the XML sample we opted for. See image below for instance. Image presents an example xml being actually mixed in the textarea, foreign language selected as XML and the button.
To Switch off the line varieties, examine the page in chrome. Under styles, deselect the “frame” home in “. dp-highlighter ol”, as presented in the image listed below. Go to following step if you prefer to maintain the collection numbers.
Select the syntax-highlighted code and click on copy. Right now your code is prepared to be pasted into Microsoft word. End result of syntax-highlighted XML Because of this blogging site for providing this relevant information – http://idratherbewriting.com/2013/04/04/adding-syntax-highlighting-to-code-examples-online-and-in-microsoft-word/.

Take note that some publishers (e.g. Xcode on the Macintosh) incorporate RTF along with message to the clipboard when copying/pasting between applications – Word acknowledges RTF as well as helpfully keeps the formatting, syntax colouring, and so on

properly for stretched documents where you’ll populate it with code fragments in lots of places the alternative of saving this tables type is actually a convenience, besides it enables you to modify the desk style throughout the document inconvenience totally free, like in my instance where I possess a design for the IDE and IDLE … on other palm, if you are using just one desk, after that you might leave out the last step.

On a Mac computer I locate this answer with strength to become terrific: https://github.com/zerowidth/vim-copy-as-rtf.

To obtain need 5, follow the steps listed below:.
Select the whole desk or the text message.
Visit Customer review tab. Under Foreign language, select “Proofing Foreign language”. A brand new pop fly will exist.
Select “Do not check punctuation or syntax”. Click on OK. Turn off spell-check.
Resulting content has spell-check impaired. Last end result is received the image below and satisfies all the requirements. Outcome – satisfies all the 5 demands.

You require to define a style in your Word document and also utilize that for source code. You paste in your resource code as well as administer the “Code” type to it.

To accomplish needs 2, 3 as well as 4 above, use dining table in Microsoft word, to put the code fragment. Measures are actually noted below:.
Place a table along with single cavalcade.
Paste the duplicated text message from measure 1. in the table cavalcade. I have actually kept the line numbers to present how well this collaborates with Microsoft word.
Keep in mind how well it damages across the page – NO additional effort required to manage this, which you would certainly experience if inserting “OpenDocument Text” things or even if using “Basic TextBox”. Syntax-highlighted code snippet mixed in Microsoft Word Table.

In Word, it is actually possible to mix code that makes use of color to differentiate remarks coming from code using “Paste Keep Resource Formatting.” However, if you use the inserted code to make a brand new type, Word instantly strips the color coded text message and transforms all of them to become black (or whatever the vehicle default shade is). Given that administering a type is the very best means to ensure conformity along with document format criteria, Word is certainly not quite practical for recording software application. I do not remember Open Office being any sort of much better. The very best work-around is to make use of the nonpayment basic text message box.

Replicate or even compose in to the document, then utilize a predetermined style font style, set up formatting and really hope that Word failed to uppercase stuff for you. Obviously, this appears like foolishness.
Replicate as well as mix screenshots of source code coming from the IDE. And allow’s accept it, Word is actually not wonderful at handling various images on a document.
Create HTML (not definitely an option here).

You may making use of Plugin Phrase structure Highlight in Ms.Word https://store.office.com/syntax-highlighter-WA104315019.aspx?assetid=WA104315019. i comply with that step and it’s work.

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