PDF Editing in PHP?

I am believing along the lines of opening a PDF file, replacing text in the PDF and then writing out the modified variation of the PDF? Searching text in Pdf in C#

I have actually programmatically developed PDF files in the past utilizing FPDF, however found it a little unwieldy sometimes.

Because of that, I make use of dompdf, which automatically transforms HTML and CSS to PDF documents. You can set out a concept template equally you will for an HTML page and usage fundamental HTML syntax. You can also feature an exterior CSS file.

Zend or FPDF is actually fine if you need really quick and easy PDFs. I discover them challenging and frustrating to function along with. Considering that of the method the API functions, there stinks method to various content from presentation coming from organization reasoning.

I was actually attempting to uncover a fast company to this. I desired the very exact same pdf for each of my product pages however with the product number and thing name changed on each pdf. I found that utilizing email merge (Word or even OpenOffice) is in truth the most convenient technique to perform therefore. I transported all the pdfs and also published them.

It’s sensibly easy (otherwise a bit wearisome) to include the skipping text message to the data. A PDF report is actually included a set of savage illustration functions: line right here, image listed here, text piece there, etc.

There is actually a simple and free to utilize PDF training class to produce PDF reports. In mix with FPDI, it is even possible to change PDF data.

Here you can generally do the very exact same thing. Lots the PDF, compose over top of it, and also after that conserve to a brand new PDF. In FPDI you essentially place the PDF as an image so you can put whatever you intend over it.

The PDF/pdflib extension paperwork in PHP is sporadic (something that has been noted in bugs.php.net) – I reccommend you utilize the Zend library.

Tcpdf is also a good liabrary for producing pdf in php http://www.tcpdf.org/

I actually had high wish for dompdf (it is a cool idea) but the placing concern are a significant consider my utilizing fpdf. It is tedious as every element has to be set; it is powerful as all get out.

I lay an image below my work space in the file to put my layout on top of to fit. Its always sufficed even for columns (requires a little bit of php string calculation, but absolutely nothing too extremely heady).

We use pdflib to create PDF files from our rails apps. This only allows production of PDF’s.

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