Convert HTML to PDF in ASP.NET MVC

When I utilized ABC pdf it does certainly not administered any type of CSS types when converting to pdf. SelectPDF has administered the CSS styles to the pdf but its little chaotic.

the factor is that im not conserving the data in database is actually that the report is actually less make use of complete for the client yet if i conserve the information in data base then the data source come to be incredibly substantial and its own become make complex to manage. considering that the document has approx 100 fields. Please if any one can easily aid me in it.

The C# code listed below may be made use of in a MVC application to convert the current perspective to PDF and also produce a PDF in a stream that may be minimized hosting server or even sent to internet browser for download.

I possess a html document with css specified within the head tags. I want this html string to exchanged a pdf in c#

Im working in a job which requires existing html page to convert in pdf and also that pdf will instantly conserve switch select hosting server and also its endorsement are going to be spare in database.I can easily convert the view if its record originates from records base however the records in this particular kind is stationary that suggests on the sight it has therefore numerous radio switch and text carton in which i can create the particular and inspect the inspection package on after clicking spare switch it will certainly conserve the hosting server as well as well as its own referral will definitely conserve in the records bottom.

Carries out any sort of one recognize just how to correctly convert HTML to pdf?

I tried itextsharp observing a tutorial, the uses HTMLWorker, but when I used it, throws me an nullpointer exemption. A person during that tutorial suggested to utilize XMLWorker course, yet I could certainly not find exactly how to use that training class, perform you understand about it?

I have discovered a remedy to convert a HTML strand with inline style to PDF. I have tried several various collections as well as on the internet options (where I may pass my HTML string to solution and obtain the pdf) yet none has actually offered me an excellent result featuring the above commented remedies. Below is the service for the HTML to pdf sale.

in my html I carried out certainly not have any sort of images plus all the styles were actually mentioned inline, like in the instance.

Yet HTML2PDFRocket is not providing the css adequately, the pdf does not have the css guidelines I have pointed out in the html. PDFCrowd is actually made the HTML as well as css adequately however its not take complete elevation the of the page. Currently I am tampering ABCpdf, lets see how it goes. I will certainly submit the code if I had the capacity to provide the HTML with css appropriately. Meanwhile if you recognize any type of various other tutorials allow me recognize feel free to.

Chance the above option will help somebody as it created for me. Any person rates to propose any renovations for this code (e.g: insert images, intricate html to pdf sale etc.).

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