Add watermark to pdf using c#

This worked properly along with documents on the disk. It seems simply one thing small is actually required.

If the commented code is actually uncommented the authentic file is saved as the stamped documents, but without the watermark. It’s a bit greater than the initial, however renders flawlessly.

Along with the code discussed above commented out, like in the code instance, the come back byte [] is actually considerably smaller sized than the original as well as certainly not a valid pdf data.

The trouble is that the pdfStamper does not appear to pay attention to the pdfReader. Contacting some strategies (getFileLength() and also getInfo()) on the pdfReader gains legitimate records, so the pdfReader seems to be actually OK. Exact same with the image.

Our experts located a pair C# public libraries for adjusting PDFs. Our company are actually presently utilizing FPDF. It seems reasonably straight-forward to incorporate the watermark, yet our team are actually battling to determine just how to remove it.

Our team would like to add our provider’s watermark to pdf documents in c# (that are published by users).

When you close the stamper, items like the origin thesaurus and the cross referral flow are actually contacted the OutputStream. Without these items, you don’t have a total PDF.

The pdf is held in a database as a byte [] I intend to incorporate a watermark to the pdf and shop the stamped documents as a byte [], also in the data bank.

Is this a limit of this collection? Or is there a more basic concern along with PDFs that makes this challenging?

I would certainly like to maintain it centered at the center of the page, however spin it “45” degrees, so it turns anticlockwise.

Is the watermark an angle component on leading or even listed below the PDF material? If therefore, as well as the PDF is actually certainly not latched versus editing, it needs to be actually removable – you will need a low-level PDF parser to reconstruct the document, leaving out the watermark. If the material is produced up of images along with watermarks pulled on best, they are actually practically certainly not detachable.

PDF watermarks are not entities in their own right. They are actually images or writings which merely happen to possess the actual material published over them.

I assumed you were incorporating a watermark to some, as well as eliminating someone else’s result from others. the very best means is actually to keep the PDF in a non-watermarked type, to make sure that there is actually no need to remove it. Yes, you can easily put an angle shape over your PDF, but remember that due to the fact that it is actually removable for you, various other individuals can easily eliminate it as well.

I’ve done this for yet another job along with PDFlib. Our company required traceability for the created PDFs in the event the report was leaked.

Generated a source layout PDF along with the web content in location, specified the document expert password with the required alternatives (no edit, no print, no screen-reader, etc.) specified
At runtime, our experts used a few watermarks (enforced page footer pointing out “This document took a look at to customer # 12345”, prepared a few of the metadata fields along with customer I.D., download IP, download and install date/time, included a “this document copyright by …” cover page, etc.).
When document is actually opened up, optionally attach a user password to force a PW prompt.

Because the current PDF variations use AES-128 for their file encryption, we simply established an appropriate aimlessly produced 128char high-entropy code – no one would ever be typing it in through palm therefore hard-to-typedness was actually pointless to us and also in fact preferable. The master password prevented end-users coming from creating any kind of adjustments to the document. The a variety of noprint/no display screen went through possibilities are really imposed by the PDF audience and as a result bypassable, but can’t injure to set them anyways.

The disadvantage to this is actually that PDFlib’s licensing is actually fairly high. I do not know if some of the free of cost C# PDF libraries assist the current PDF security plans, particularly the expert security password stuff, yet if you finances can easily sustain it, PDFlib’s the means to go with safe and secure document creation.

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